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AdnanAhmedicClassicalGuitarist Busy around Christmas

I am going to wrap up the last concert of the Year on 28 of December playing a promotional classical guitar concert and teaching a masterclass at the elementary school in Vogosca. My favorite part about being a performing classical guitarist is that i get to travel around the world all the time and perform in front of all different kinds of audiences all the time.I love exploring new different cities and its people. This week i am in Greece and next i will be in Bosnia.Its so exciting . Flying all over the place is so much fun.I enjoy flying.Sometimes I have to buy tickets on my own and make hotel arrangements, so I buy my tickets and make hotel reservations way in advance and i never get disappointed because Jet Radar Hotel and AirLine Tickets Search always offers best hotels and airline tickets .Check them out Click HERE.

I do not get tired ever and jet-lag does not get me at all,probably cause i sleep on the plane a lot. Once I arrive to the location i immediately go out. If i have people accompanying me they are usually not ready to right away go for a city exploration so i go on my own. This gives me a chance to collect my thoughts for my upcoming performance and its a form of small meditation /prayer. After that practicing my guitar is so great. But first exploring the new city and long walks.

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